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See the world with different eyes – International Youth Exchange

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Young people are curious. Foreign Countries are unfamiliar, often unsettling because of a lack of language skills, but interesting new terrain.

Anyone who has the courage to leave his comfort zone is able to experience completely new, entirely fascinating things and increases his chances to get a job.

We try to give the experience to young people that it won’t hurt to get in personal contact with foreign speaking People.

It is the goal of international Youth Exchanges to introduce youngsters to other countries, to people of foreign countries and their habits and living conditions (especially of the teenage inhabitants). Another goal is to let young people make experiences with foreign speaking people in their countries and – in the role as hosts- in their own country.

The focus is always on the intensive personal encounters with other (youthful) people, that is what makes it different from vacation and holiday trips. To learn from each other, about each other and most of all to learn together should be fun and according to this we create (together with you, the participants) our program.

You get to know each other quite well by making adventure and experiential education experiences (canoe trip, rock climbing, sailing, cooperation tasks and games) together, while doing sporting and artistic community activities you can find similarities and also differences, so there is enough occasion for communication – even it can be a little difficult to communicate in a foreign language at first.

It depends on the theme of the exchange whether organizations and associations are visited, companies or places of interest are viewed and/or cultural events are joined or workshops held. While all this you are together with the youngsters of the other group, who shows you – abroad – what they think is interesting, und you show them – in Kassel – what is in your opinion important to see.

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