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documenta 14 makes an impressive start in Kassel

June 10th: documenta 14 has arrived in Kassel and, over the next 100 days, life in the city will be coloured by contemporary art and guests from around the world. During the spectacular opening, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier highlighted the following: “Art is political, and needs to be political, without being instrumentalized. It´s freedom is maintained” 

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos and Hessen’s Minister President Volker Bouffier signed the Golden Book of Kassel at the invitation of Kassel’s Mayor Bertram Hilgen,

Guided by documenta 14’s Artistic Director, Adam Szymczyk, he was given a good impression of the exhibition during a tour. Aside from Mayor Bertram Hilgen, he was also accompanied at the opening ceremony by the Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, Hessen’s Minister President Volker Bouffier, the representative for the Federal Government for Culture and Media, State Minister Professor Monika Grütters, Hessen’s Minister for Science and Art, Boris Rhein, the Mayor of Athens Yiorgos Kaminis as well as the Managing Director of documenta gGmbH, Annette Kulenkampff.

This year’s documenta was larger than any before, because it currently features Athens as a second location, as well as Kassel. There the art show began back in April. “This double perspective once again confirms documenta’s worldwide reputation as the most important art exhibition. 62 years after the first event, documenta is expanding its worldview with this doubling up to include global issues reflected in its art”, says Kassel’s Mayor Bertram Hilgen. With the Kassel part of exhibition, documenta is presenting itself fully to its public. He thanked the documenta 14 team around Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk and Managing Director Annette Kulenkampff for their outstanding performance, which has made this exhibition so extraordinary. “The citizens of Kassel and I are very happy that documenta has once again come back to our city and we’ll offer our guests a wonderful documenta summer with many cultural highlights.” 

As in Athens, the Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos pointed out the importance of Greece’s cultural heritage for Europe and the future of Europe. “Documenta demonstrates, how Europe can send the message of peace and freedom to the world, through culture”, he said. 

Together with his Athenian colleague, Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis, Mayor Hilgen expressed the hope that the bridge between both cities, created by documenta, can be maintained permanently, because it is “a win for both cities and their citizens”.

This was also stressed by the Mayor of Athens, Yiorgis Kaminis: "documenta 14 becomes a historical event, not only as a very successful organization, but as an organization that united two cities, two peoples, and also gave a new impetus to the meaning of Creation. For the opening of the traditional part of documenta 14 in its birthplace, Kassel, I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best of success. And in spite of the title of the exhibition “Learning from Athens”, I can assure that Athens has learned a lot from documenta 14 and its’artistic director, Adam Szymczyk. documenta 14 in Athens may be completed on the 16th of July, however I am certain that it opened a perspective of a wider cooperation between the two cities and will leave marks to the city and the citizens. We thank Kassel and its’ Mayor Bertram Hilgen for the opportunity that they gave us."

documenta 14, conceived by Adam Szymczyk, as a first-of-its-kind show in Kassel and Athens will remain open until 16th July in Athens and until 17th September in Kassel.

Veröffentlicht am:   12. 06. 2017  


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