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Ball House

Ballhaus; © Stadt Kassel; Foto: Elke Bremer

Ballhaus inside; © mhk

Ballhaus outside; © Stadt Kassel; Foto: Kassel Marketing GmbH

Ball House at night; © mhk; Foto: Isabell Reindl

In addition to the palace, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is also home to another treasure, the Ball House. Though the building's outward appearance is quite plain, the interior is all more impressive with its spacious, splendidly arranged ballroom and crystal chandeliers.

The Ball House was built by the young Leo von Klenze (1784–1864) as the court theatre from 1808 to 1809 during the reign of Napoleon’s brother, Jérôme Bonaparte (1784–1860). The pavilion is the first building designed by the famous architect from Munich. Today’s magnificent interior was installed by Cassel architect Johann Conrad Bromeis (1877–1855) under Prince Elector Wilhelm II in 1828 (reign 1821–1831).


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