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Living and working in an intact environment – one of the many advantages of North Hesse. Our region is famed for its high-performing small and middle-sized firms as well as innovative companies which are among the world’s best developers of new environmental technologies. And when it comes to exploiting the advantages offered by environmental policy guidelines, North Hesse’s companies know how to use these too in order to benefit their company location.

The reason is Kassel’s ideal location for all major roads, motorways and rail links, right in the heart of Europe. The city is easily accessible from all directions and even has its own airport, Kassel-Calden, for those who want to fly direct.

A perfect position (Die Lage ist gut)

The portal is a useful register of regional information about infrastructure, economy, job offers, further training, leisure activities, key facts and information on nature, culture and life at the heart of Germany ...more

Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie und Handeskammer IHK)

The Kassel CIC, one of the biggest German chambers of industry and commerce, represents more than 75,000 member enterprises of industry, commerce and the service sector in Northern Hesse ...more

Economic Development Company (Wirtschaftsförderung WFG)

The Economic Development Company for the Kassel region offers professional advice and support for investors wishing to set up business in the region from the initial enquiries to completion of the plan - a service which is free of charge ...more

Employers’ association (Haus der Arbeitgeberverbände)

As the employers’ association of the biggest branch of industry in Hesse, we offer our members the seal of quality of a collective bargaining agreement on a social partnership basis ...more
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