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A museum building based on plans by the architect Heinrich von Dehn-Rotfelser (1825–1885), which was to accommodate the renowned collection of paintings of Landgrave Wilhelm VIII of Hesse-Cassel (reign 1730/51–1760), was built on the Schöne Aussicht overlooking the Karlsaue park between 1871 and 1877. The new construction became necessary as Jérôme Bonaparte, the King of Westphalia (reign 1807–1813), had converted the gallery built by François de Cuvilliés the Elder into a city residence, which could no longer fulfil a gallery function due to the installation of intermediate ceilings.


The plans for an appropriate replacement were created under Prussian rule. Leo von Klenze's Alte Pinakothek in Munich (1826–1836) served as a model. Though the plans provided for smaller dimensions, Cassel was also to receive a gallery of paintings with top-lit halls and side-lit cabinets lining the halls. Like the original Munich room arrangement, only the upper level was used for presenting the paintings. The plastic cast and arts-and-crafts collections were shown on the main level. As in Munich, the Cassel gallery received a wide variety of intricate fresco and sculptures. Organised according to countries and schools in the sense of a 'history of art history', sculptures, wall paintings and busts of famous artists served to prepare visitors for entry into the collection.

Joseph Beuys; © mhk

The building suffered severe damages in the Second World War. Only years later in 1962, when the Old Masters Picture Gallery was to be opened for viewing in Palace Wilhelmshöhe, was the decision made to rebuild the old gallery and present the collection of modern art in a building now known as the New Gallery. The building was opened in 1976. Only a number of colour wallpapers featuring old patterns appeared in lieu of the historical interior décor. Over the years, they were painted over to produce a uniform appearance. The most important change in the utilisation plan, however, involved the equal use of both levels for the presentation of the collections.

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Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10 am - 5 pm
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Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm
Closed on 24./25./26. December.

Entrance fee

Adults: 6,00 €
Reduced: 4,00 €
Free entrance: children up to 18 years of age
Students: 2,00 €


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