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Collection of Antiquities

A journey back to distant eras: the antique cultures of the Mediterranean region

The permanent exhibition of the Collection of Antiques was redesigned in the summer of 2009. The exhibition items have now been consolidated into six distinct categories, Archeology, Sculpture, Myth, Greeks, Romans and Hercules, which offer visitors a variety of paths through the ancient world. Suitable educational programmes impressively illustrate how our present day life relates e. g. to the everyday life of the Greeks and Romans or antique mythology.

Archeology – The most extensive holdings of the Cassel collection are displayed with nearly 300 items from Asia, Italy, Greece and Egypt. Finds from the Cassel dig site on the island of Samos (1894) take a prominent position in the exhibition.

Sculpture – The Cassel collection of antique sculptures is known throughout the world; the exhibition units numerous masterpieces of Greek and Roman ideal sculpture. The items shown are arranged in relation to the "Kassel Apollo" as a highlight of Greek Classical period.

Myth – The stony Cassel muse welcomes visitors to the exhibition. Greek sagas, such as the battles of the heroes Theseus and Hercules are depicted in the exhibition. Most of the mythical images in the Cassel collection date back to the 6th century B.C..

The Greeks – Symposium, competition and theatre are some of the themes that embody everyday life in ancient Greece. Pottery, bronze figures and sculptures are shown, including exceptional masterpieces of Athenian pottery from the 5th century B.C.. This exhibition area also addresses the theme of myth as the sagas of the gods and heroes were part of Greek culture.

Romans – Portrait heads of emperors and private individuals dominate the exhibition on everyday life in Rome. Finds dating back to the Imperium Romanum (1st–3rd century A.D.) shed light on what our world today owes to our Roman predecessors. Even the instruments of an antique physician can be viewed.

Hercules – Vase paintings, statuettes and coins demonstrate how well known the account of the heroic deeds of Hercules was. A cast of the famous "Hercules Farnese", 3 metres in height, occupies a prominent position in the exhibition. The statue served as a model for the Cassel Hercules.

33 cork models of antique buildings of Rome on the lower level of Palace Wilhelmshöhe bear witness to the fascination of Hessian Landgrave Friedrich II (1720–1785) with the antique, which led him to found the Museum Fridericianum in 1779. The cork models were created by Antonio Chichi in the 18th century.

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